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Metaphysical Makeover

A metaphysical makeover is aimed to help clear any overlaid energy from past relationships and childhood traumas. The aim is to clear away any negative energy from the chakra’s and revitalize all the chakra points within the body.

The massage is a relaxation massage with an amazing head massage to help relieve tension within the body. Crystals and essential oils are used within the massage.

This massage is great if you have been feeling emotionally flat or can not seem to move past a relationship break up, also to help to look forward in your future, not looking backwards and dwelling on your past.

Leaving you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and empowered with a ‘clear’ mind, body and spirit.

Whats Included?

30 minute Reading: Gain insights into your future path giving you clarity of direction

30 minute Healing: Clearing limiting beliefs & blocks, cleansing & clearing chakras & auric field

60 minute Metaphysical Massage: Shift and balance any residual energy with an indulgent body treatment

30 min crystal healing facial (2.5 Hour Treatment only)


2 Hours



2.5 Hours


To book please call Joanne on  (02) 6655 0429


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