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Clairvoyant/Psychic Readings

Life can be pretty confusing and everyday we are faced with questions, some seemingly trivial like whether to hit snooze again on the alarm and others more intricate with possible long term implications like whether to move house or leave your partner.


Spiritual guidance can assist by aiming to shed some insight and clarity into some of those more difficult life questions.

Psychic Guidance is offered in the form of Clairvoyant readings and Psychic readings.

By tuning into the client’s energy field from the heart, mind and spiritual levels your Spirit can be reached.

At these levels information can be received and your detailed questions can be answered based upon the soul or spirit purpose.


Psychic guidance can assist with finding one’s true path, gaining clarity and insight that is trapped within the subconscious mind.

The purpose is to assist the client to know what is coming up and give some advice as to how to take advantage of the opportunities and minimize threats coming.


2 Hours



2.5 Hours


To book please call Joanne on  (02) 6655 0429


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