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House/Office Clearings

An energetic home or office clearing is helping clear old energy from a home or office.

Sometimes when you move into a new home or office space and something isn’t quite right or the space feels draining of your energy.

You feel unsettled and keep trying to move furniture around or pictures to get it to feel right.

Sometimes people have left their previous dwelling or workspace because of a relationship break up, death, financial reasons, pain, sadness and loss.


An energetic home or Office clearing can remove all the old energy and other people’s emotional energy, clearing stagnant energy and helping add fresh energy and change the energy/ vibe of the space.


An energetic home or office clearing can also help remove spirits from the space Jo can help and work with you to set intentions for the home and office space, help with Feng shui to help the flow of energy within the space. All homes / office space will also receive a bottle of Alchemy in Bellingen’s own space clearing spray.


2 Hours



2.5 Hours


To book please call Joanne on  (02) 6655 0429


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